Saturday, August 05, 2006

Alex's Birthday and the Busy Week That Ensued

Wow! What a whirlwind! Alex's birthday party was last Saturday. He had a big party at McDonald's where he was joined by all his little friends, followed by a big party at home with quite a few family members to share in the celebration. As Uncle Scott put it, "Alex got a rake" which is true both literally and figuratively. He did indeed get a toy rake to play in his new sandbox with, but he also received so many gifts. I have seen other children with more toys, but I always swore mine would not be among them, yet he has clearly joined their ranks. We are quite thankful for all his presents, and he is delighted with each and every one ... even the ones he throws at Teagan.

On Sunday, Alex's actual birthday, Pete and I took him (and Teagan)to Chuck E. Cheese where he had a great time playing video games, ski ball, and all sorts of other things.

Monday we took Alex to see the Doctor for his two year check-up. He did have to get one immunization, the second in the Hep A series, but I brought along some Kissables as a treat after the shot, so there wasn't too much crying. He weighs about 31 pounds, and I think that the doctor said he was 36.5" tall. I was excited when they told us that his language skills were advanced for his age.

Friday, I noticed that Alex seemed to have a barking cough and stridor, which is sort of like a wheeze only it occurs when you breath in rather than when you breath out. So I figured that he was working on another case of the Croup, and we gave him some cough and cold medicine before he went to bed. We called the doctor this morning (Saturday) and Pete took him in. It's just as I suspected, but now that he's two, they're more liberal in what drugs they're willing to prescribe, so Pete came home with some cough medicine that's stronger than the OTC stuff I had on hand. We decided to go ahead with our planned excursion to IKEA in Frisco, which didn't go as smoothly as hoped, but at least we've now ventured to the land of Swiss Ambrosia. I think we'll go back some time when Alex is feeling better. When he's potty trained, we can let him play in their supervised play area.

Sunday is the big Wiggles concert, so there should be an exciting post about our fun times there.

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