Monday, July 17, 2006

Adventures in Swimming

This weekend, we decided to take both kids swimming. Alex got himself a Coast Guard-approved life vest, and Teagan got a bathing suit.

The first trip to the pool in Grapevine worked out pretty well. Alex [reluctantly] went under the raining umbrella and even got into the big pool, but it was clear that he wasn't terribly excited about the prospect of swimming just yet.

The second trip was a dual visit to the South Euless pool and Splash Island. Alex is slowly adjusting to his life vest and being in the water; Teagan, on the other hand, enjoyed every minute of it ans splashed the whole time she was in the pool.

In addition, Teagan has begun to enjoy [semi-] solid foods. Kellie succeeded in feeding her both applesauce and rice cereal with bananas, so maybe they will both be sleeping a little more soundly at night.

Both Teagan and Alex seem to be developing rapidly.

Teagan rolls around to reach things that she wants and is starting to put things in her mouth to teethe. She is one step away (metaphorically, anyway) from crawling.

Alex is beginning to understand and respond to questions in an almost adult manner. When asked where he had found the elastic band he brought us from his room, he replied, "Aunt B.'s hair." It was Brigette's hairband that she had left when visiting the weekend earlier.

I guess we shouldn't be too surprised - she's six months and he's almost two - but they continue to astonish us on a daily basis.


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