Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Go Splash Island - - Pump Broken

We've been trying to take Alex to Splash Island for several days now with no luck. Pete tried to take him Saturday; when they got there they found out that the pump was broken, or there was a clog in the line ... whatever the case, there was no water to play in, and "no buck dump-it". Sunday was a busy day filled with surprise celebrations and gatherings in honor of Pete's birthday, and Monday evening Pete had a Kiwanis meeting so there was no chance for Splash Island on those days. On Tuesday, the 4th, Pete and Alex geared up to go just in time for a thunderstorm to roll in. No complaints from me, as we are in desperate need of the rain! The majority of Wednesday was punctuated by rain and thunder showers, and I noticed Alex for the first time actually listening to the weather, "make sounds". He even went over and stood by the fireplace listening because he could hear the tinkling sounds of raindrops hitting the metal exhaust on the exterior of the house. Finally, this evening we thought all was in order for an enjoyable outing (for the whole family) to Splash Island, and when we got there, the pump had evidently given out again. Though it couldn't have happened too long before our arrival since there were about half a dozen little wet Tongan children running around the water-fun area. Pete and I had an aside about how Alex was so looking forward to getting to play there, and decided to take him over to a park in Grapevine where they have a couple of dolphin statues that spray water into the air. Also, while we were there, we noticed the Grapevine public pool which has a neat "raining umbrella" and a toddler wading pool. So, we plan to take him back over there another evening to experience that. I always feel so bad when we promise something fun to Alex and then it doesn't pan out, and you see that look of disappointment on his little face. And now he has a good enough grasp on language and what's happening around him, you can bet that he'll tell at least the next seven people that he comes in contact with, "I go Splash Island - - pump broken - - daddy fix it! mommie fix it!" And then follow that up with whatever movie or television show he watched. What a cute little guy!

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