Thursday, June 29, 2006

Alex, Alex, Bubble Eater

Alex got a new toy today: A bubble tumbler. It's a device that's designed to keep the bubble liquid from spilling because little hands will inevitably tip the container over. Alex, however, hasn't quite figured out the dynamics of blowing bubbles yet; instead he spent about twenty minutes this evening dipping the bubble wand in and eating the bubble liquid off, then sort of foaming bubbles out of his mouth. He did have a couple of big bubbles appear, and one even floated away, though we weren't quick enough to get a picture of that, it certainly reminded me of a cartoon where the character accidentally eats soap or something and then hiccups and bubbles appear.
Luckily, the bubble fluid is non-toxic, I just can't imagine it being too pleasing to the palate. It must be an acquired taste.

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