Thursday, June 08, 2006

Alex's Big Adventures

We've been taking Alex and Teagan on lots of excursions this week. Monday we went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History where Alex spent time playing in Kid Space and then we saw an Omni Max movie called Ride Around the World about cowboys in different countries. We didn't get to finish the movie because Alex was hungry and he got restless. I think that I may take him today and try to see that movie again. That evening we took a trip to the park (Preserve at McCormick) and fed the ducks and fish. We even saw a little wild rabbit.


Tuesday we stuck pretty close to home, though we did have an outing to the park in the evening. We were hopeful that we would see the little rabbit again, but no luck. We did feed the fish and ducks, and then Alex got to do a lot of sliding. The pics of the day today were taken there.

Yesterday, Pete took a family day off from work to look after Alex while I went to the doctor. I had to go see Dr. Griffith for a re-pap because there were some unusual cells on the one right after Teagan was born (he thinks due to inflammation from delivery). I took Teagan along with me while Pete and Alex headed over to the museum again. Alex played at Kid Space and got a cool penguin sticker while he was shopping in the Kid Space grocery store. Then they saw an Omni Max movie about fish, and Alex got to sit in his own seat in the theatre. We usually go to the quiet room, which is secluded from the actual theatre, in anticipation that Alex or Teagan will make a lot of noise. Pete said that he did really well watching the movie. Afterward, Teagan and I met up with them and ate lunch at McDonald's where Alex got to do even more playing. Wednesday evening, we made another trip to the park, and again saw the little rabbit. We fed fish and ducks and Alex got to go down the slide a bunch of times.

Alex has recently learned the crescent shape as "moon" so anytime he sees something that shape he identifies it. I've been feeding him Lunchables occasionally for lunch, and he likes to bite the round slices of meat and the crackers and then identify the remainder as "moon". He's learning so fast. And, he really loves his new bed.

Teagan is becoming more and more alert. She's playing with her feet a lot, and rolling all around. I recently retired the bassinet, and put her in the pack and play in our room to sleep. She can escape from her sleep positioner and go scooting off all around the bed, so I retired the positioner, too. Now she's sleeping "freestyle". Since she's strong enough to roll so well, the risk of sleeping in a prone position is drastically reduced. It's amazing ... Alex wasn't rolling this way until he was about eight and one half or nine months old.

Everyone is doing well. The garden seems to be thriving. Right after Teagan was born, I somehow managed to get to bed by about 10 each evening, but now I'm up until about 11:30, and I still seem to have things that need doing. I'll try to make time to keep posting!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED the picture with the levitating blocks. I'm guessing there's a piece of glass that they are stuck to with water. But they really do look like they are floating (esp at first glance).