Friday, June 02, 2006

Finally a free moment

Finally a free moment when I have time to write a short entry.

Pete is outside with Alex. The little Jordanian, Indian and Hispanic girls down the street came by and asked if Alex could come out and play. They're all much older than he is, but they like to have him and Sam (the little boy from across the street) come out and play with them. Our neighborhood is such a melting pot of different ethnicities. I think a direct reflection of the metroplex. There are a great number of Indian and Tongan families in our community. When I was pregnant with Teagan, I wanted to name her Zlata, and Pete thought that was too odd a name. My response was, "Yes, it really will sound odd considering she'll be going to school with our friend's children: Walied, Rohit, and Tarik." Oh well, as many times as I'm asked to repeat Teagan, and even spell it out, I'm probably better off having not named her Zlata.

I caught an excellent warehouse sale at Kidkraft today! They're warehouse is over in Dallas, and they have an annual two-day sale where they get rid of excess goods at ROCKBOTTOM prices. I purchased a neat wooden blender with break apart fruit for $5 ... it retails at for $29.95! I got Teagan a toybox and I got eight inch wooden letters in pink to spell TEAGAN and in white to spell ALEX. I think that we may add some additional decoration, but it'll be neat to put their names up on their bedroom walls.

Pete and I worked steadfastly last Wednesday (05/24) rearranging and moving things to the attic where Pete added some additional plywood and expanded the usable space, and got most of the odds and ends cleared out of Teagan's bedroom. The crib and changing table/armoire thing are both in there, and I need to do a little more rearranging to have it complete for her. Alex's "big boy" bed is in his room and we've added a safety rail. He needs a step stool, which I will most likely be getting him tomorrow. The transition has been relatively painless. We still need to obtain an additional monitor for Teagan's room, and she'll be all set. I even put her in there for a nap once earlier this week.

Alex discovered the joys of Karaoke today. He found the microphone to my karaoke machine and was wagging it around, so I got out the karaoke machine, hunted down the power cable and hooked it up and let him sing along with some songs. I sang some songs for him, too. This was all before his nap, and on his way to bed, he kept begging for "more songs". I think that he really enjoys hearing his voice come from the speakers. He is saying new words everyday, so many that I almost need to carry a journal with me to keep track of all of them.

Teagan is rolling, rolling, rolling. She can travel a good six or seven feet from the spot where I lay her. We have some cute pictures of her after she rolled in front of Alex's Big Red Car push along toy. It looks as if she's about to be run over (and thanks to Alex, she has been run over by that car before). She is about four months ahead of where Alex was in gross motor development, but still no teeth. At this time, Alex already had about 3 or 4 teeth. I'm not complaining, especially since she refuses to take a bottle. The toothless babe definitely poses less risk to me!

All in all, we're doing well. I took some pics of our garden earlier this evening for everyone to see.

More later ... I'll do my best to keep posting!

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Anonymous said...

I like the new garden! Once the plants mature it's gonna look great. Makes the front of the house much more visible than the jungle that used to be there.