Saturday, June 24, 2006

More Apple!

Alex’s diction has improved markedly. Mommie suggested it’s almost as if Alex is secretly absorbing sounds at night in his sleep and repeating them the following day. Instead of “moh,” now he says “more.” “Ah-ah” has become “apple.” “Mommie” and “Daddy” are gradually replacing “Ma-ma” and “Da-da.” He even tells us we’re funny, that we need to settle down, and to wait “a just minute.”

He has really come to enjoy Splash Island, the local municipal water park. Alex went from running away from the water unless Daddy was holding his hand to charging fearlessly into all the water sprays and getting back up without crying when he slips. We are planning to meet with one of my coworkers and his son (Rohit and Alex were born about two weeks apart) if the rain stays away.

Teagan is just a bright little bundle. She rolls over frequently, trying to get where and to what she wants; she could crawl any day now. So often, we can hear her cooing and see her smile. Teagan reacts very positively to smiles and sounds from her family. This has made for some happy-looking pictures lately, as we can get her to smile even while hiding behind the camera.

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