Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chaos and calamity

I was going to detail the calamity that arose from rabbit cage cleaning night which was punctuated by a poo that far exceeded the engineering of Teagan's diaper and Alex's vomiting from too much swinging (luckily both catastrophes landed on the garage floor where they were rather easily dealt with by the use of a garden hose), but I'll spare you all the gory details and move on to something a bit brighter.

On our way home from the store this afternoon, Alex saw a school bus drive by, and exclaimed with delight, "BUS!". I suddenly realized that he knew what a bus was and then pondered where he had learned that. He's also recently surprised me with his ability to recognize the Fox News logo, the Krispy Kreme sign, and let us not forget McDonald's which we've come to lovingly refer to as Mac Donnels. It's a frightening realization that he's constantly learning new things whether I want him to learn them or not. I guess it's time to cash in the Bowling For Soup CD's, or at least be aware of the tracks that need skipping. Which brings me to Alex's newest parlor trick that Pete and I taught him. When asked, "Alex, who's your favorite band?" he replies, "Bowl Soup" which is an Alexism meaning Bowling For Soup.

Teagan is testing out a new sleep campaign of getting up every three hours or so, again. This after about two months of having her sleep for a five and one half to seven hour stretch each night. And she's been testing out a new cry that's more of a shrill high-pitched shriek followed by a whimper, and then repeated just to make sure Mommie heard her. The new cry started Monday night, so it may be a side effect of the shots. Hopefully it will run it's course fairly quickly. I think that her waking in the middle of the night is because she's hungry. She had a little tummy trouble about a week ago, so Dr. Straughn wants me to wait another week or so before giving her any cereal. I think the addition of some cereal will help her sleep more soundly.

That's all that's news for now ... I'll keep you posted.

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