Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Prince of Wails and the Pea

Pete and I put our old mattress in Alex's room because he liked jumping on it so much, and as an experiment decided to let him try sleeping on it. Saturday night, he fell asleep on the mattress and then evidently awoke, collected his pillow, binky and bunnies and moved into his crib. Sunday night he slept all night on the mattress and got up Monday morning, opened his door and yelled for Mommie or Daddy. Monday night, the same, except that he evidently rolled over on Hermione (the bunny that I gave Pete while we were in Las Vegas) or one of my pink bunny slippers, because three times in the night I heard, "I love you, I love you" through the monitor. It was rather creepy and after waking to that three times, I turned the monitor all the way down. But he did make it all the way through the night on the mattress. Our goal is to transition him from the crib so that he's ready for his "big boy bed": that is my brother's old bedroom suite that my parents are bringing out at the end of the month.

Monday's nap had to be in the crib with the door shut, because Alex wouldn't behave and take a mid-day rest on the mattress. He opened his door (I had placed a gate in front of it so that he wouldn't be able to exit the room if he got up and opened the door) and yelled for me as he threw fake food down the hall. So, I placed him in his crib and he cried for about 5 minutes before passing out. Tuesday I decided that it was time to rearrange furniture, so I moved the baby crib out of Alex's room and repositioned the mattress in the corner. Naptime was quite a challenge and I struggled with Alex for about an hour before he reluctantly went to sleep on the mattress. Progress is slow, but at least we're making some headway.

Teagan is still sleeping in her bassinet, and probably will be for a few more weeks. Then I'll put her in the pack-and-play until it's time for her to move into her own room. I kept Alex in our room until he was six months, so I'll probably do the same with Teagan.

For dinner, we joined Pete at the Kiwanis meeting which was held at Double Dave's Pizza in Hurst. The pepperoni rolls were good, and Alex got to see Arianna, Darren, and Dominic. Darren seemed to be having a bad evening, and I was glad that it wasn't one of my kids screaming this time! (evil smirk)

Check back later for tales of the tricycle and other anecdotes. I'll keep posting!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the title of this entry! I'm sure he'll be solid with the new sleeping arrangement in no time. Only prob is that by the time the furniture gets there he'll be used to sleeping on the mattress on the floor and won't want to switch. ;)