Sunday, May 21, 2006

An Update

It's been several days since I've had time to sit down and write an entry, so I'll try to use this opportunity to summarize what we've been doing for the past few days:

Thursday evening we went to dinner at the Bavarian Grill. It's absolutely my favorite restaurant for German food. I love the Rinder Roulade, which is a thin cut of beef that has been rubbed with mustard and along with bacon is wrapped around a pickle spear. Alex had refused to take a nap, and was more than a handful at the restaurant. He threw tantrums the entire time that we were there. I had almost canceled, anticipating that his lack of a nap would prove disastrous, but at the last minute decided that we should go. It turned out to be the wrong decision, because he made having an enjoyable evening and meal next to impossible. I was angry at him until we put him in his carseat to head for home and he started saying, "I sorry ... I sorry ... I sorry". I don't know that he knew what he was sorry for, but it made me feel bad for being angry in the first place.

Saturday was a pretty exciting day. I sent Pete to Ft. Worth to audition for Wheel of Fortune, amidst a crowd of about 8000 people. He filled out the application and participated in the second grouping, but his application wasn't chosen, so he didn't get to audition. The odds are so mind-bogglingly small that you would actually get picked. I took Alex and Teagan to a birthday party for Dominic Escandell. He turned three. There were a ton of people there and Alex had a great time running around, playing in the sand box, on the swing set, and with all of the toys and other kids. Pete met up with us at the party. Afterward, when we were back at home, Alex kept asking for, "Mo party ... mo party ... mo party". I had to translate this one for Pete, because he thought that Alex was saying something about going potty.

Teagan's been a little fussy. I think she has a tummy ache, or maybe it's the teething. Still no teeth, but she's drooling buckets and acting uncomfortable. I'll keep everyone posted on any progress.

That's it for now ... I'll try to take a minute to write more this evening after the kids go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Well, RE the "I sorry...", he's either sincere and sweet, or a brilliant little con artist in the making.

Sorry your evening wasn't as good as it could have been. We'll try again sometime in the future.