Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Teagan has recently become quite entranced with watching other people, specifically other children. This evening Alex said something to her and she smiled and cooed and I told Alex that she was talking to him and that he should tell her hi and that she was cute.

She's been really clingy and wants to be held pretty much all the time, though she does seem to be feeling quite a bit better. I think that she had an achy tummy. Her sleep habits have improved slightly in the past few days, but she's still not back to sleeping for 6 hours at a time again. I talked to another lady in our neighborhood who has a baby about Teagan's age, and she said that he gets up several times in the night, so I guess I was lucky when she took to sleeping most of the way through the night so early on. She must be getting me back now.

She's doing a lot of playing with toys and rattles. She likes to be shown them, and hold and shake them on her own, too. She has figured out that how to pull on the dangling toys on her swing to make the music and lights start.

When we go shopping, I've been taking her out of her carseat and carrying her in the Baby Bjorn. She really seems to prefer the Baby Bjorn to the carseat when we're walking around the store. Who can blame her? She can see where she's going and she's essentially being held.

That's all the news for now ... I'll keep you posted!

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