Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Survivor revelation

This is just a quick entry based on a funny thought I had earlier:

Alex was walking through the living room using some inanimate object as a telephone and chattering, "Hi Da ... Hi Da" when it all hit me. I had a flashback to last Friday evening when Alex was using a piece of pizza crust for a phone and I suddenly realized .... I'm raising Shane!

For those of you who watched the last season of Survivor - Exile Island, you'll understand better, and for those of you who didn't I'll try to bring you up to speed: Shane was one of the castaways, who was a complete tattooed nuts-oid freak. At the start of the season, I couldn't stand him or his antics, but as the show progressed he somehow managed to gain an iota of likeability. Anyway, there was one sequence where he had found a small piece of wood that he began referring to as his "Blackberry" and using it to "text message" people. He acted as if he was really communicating with people via this small chunk of driftwood.

When Alex was walking around acting as if he was talking to Daddy on the arm of his Mr. Potato Head, it all came together. Alex has the same kind of imagination that Shane had. This is scary! I have to try to steer him in a new direction! Rule #1 ... Alex ... NO tattoos until you're 12 son!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, that island phone thing has been done. Greg did it during first season Survivor. He's also the one who built the rat trap and did all sorts of creative stuff for the Pagong tribe (he and Gretchen were the only decent members of Pagong and consequently were the first to go after merge).

Now, something that will REALLY scare you. Nell said that Greg's nuttiness and imagination reminded her of Jason. So be prepared for Alex to start using legos and a 300-in-one to set "traps" around the house when he's a little older.