Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The cute factor ......

Alex really works the cute factor: His new thing is saying, "That sounds?" whenever he hears an unusual sound. I try to figure out what sound he's talking about and explain it to him. In a parking lot, he heard the sound of the fasteners banging against a flagpole in the wind, and expressed curiosity, so I pointed to the flag and told him what was happening. Recently he heard the sound of an import racer (like the modified Honda Civics with the big spoilers on the rear) buzzing past, and he said, "Big jet". I explained to him that it wasn't a jet, but a car, and that when he hears that sound, he should say, "Got rice?". And if you giggle when you hear him say something, he'll keep repeating it, so of course, I laughed and who can blame me .... I taught him to say something funny! This evening while Pete was bathing him, Pete said something and Alex told him, "That funny!" He is absolutely adorable when he giggles with a big open-mouthed grin that shows off those little teeth.

Thursday morning Alex started saying, "That ticks" when something tickled him. Alex got a haircut Thursday evening, and he kept telling me that it tickled. So cute.

Friday I was feeding him lunch and he had a pudding treat for dessert. He kept giggling and laughing, and his teeth were all brown from the chocolate pudding. That made me laugh, and he said to me, "settle down!" which made me laugh even harder, and then he told me, "calm down!".

Despite how difficult he can be at times, he can certainly be a lot of fun, too! And I'm sure that Teagan will learn all of his tricks.

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